Cruise Ships Could Be Impacted By Tropical Weather

2 p.m. Central update

The storm has now been upgraded to Tropical Storm Cindy, with sustained winds of 46 mph. While there has been no official word seen from cruise lines, a news station in Houston reports the following changes to two itineraries:

Carnival Valor, five-day cruise from Galveston

June 17 – Galveston
June 18 – At sea
June 19 – Progreso (Merida)
June 20 – Cozumel
June 21 – At sea
June 22 – Galveston

Carnival Triumph, five-day cruise from New Orleans

June 19 – New Orleans
June 20 – At sea
June 21 – Progreso (Merida)
June 22 – Cozumel
June 23 – At sea
June 24 – New Orleans

If needed, you can call Carnival at 800-764-7419.

9 a.m. Central update

If you’re planning on boarding a cruise in the next week, then you’ve no doubt noticed a little something in the Gulf of Mexico.

Or should we say a big something.

Although not yet a tropical storm, Tropical Depression Three is massive in scale. While the center is located in the middle of the Gulf, rains from the system are hitting as far as Atlanta. New Orleans — a popular cruise port — is sitting due north of the system and will likely see heavy rains.

Meanwhile, the storm’s track appears to be headed right for the Louisiana/Texas border. Given the size of the storm, ports including Galveston, New Orleans, and Mobile could be directly impacted by its rains.

Tropical-storm-updateSo are cruise lines changing schedules?

As of right now there have been no announced changes to itineraries. If you’d like to keep track yourself, you can keep an eye on the following pages for updates:

Royal Caribbean Itinerary Updates
Royal Caribbean Twitter
Carnival Weather Statements (usually made on home page)
Carnival Twitter

In fact, while the storm is massive and will bring torrential rain to the Gulf Coast, the timing seems perfect to avoid changes in cruise line schedules.

The latest update has the storm making landfall early Friday morning. With most cruise ships docking on Saturday and Sunday in the affected ports, that means the storm will hit at least 24 hours in advance of when the cruise ships arrive back in port.

In other words, while the storm is churning toward the United States, many cruise ships are in the Caribbean. And when they head back, they will be trailing the storm back to homeport.

We will continue to monitor the storm and let you know of any updates we hear. If you are booked on an upcoming cruise then your cruise line will email or text with any changes to your schedule.

You can call Royal Caribbean at 866-562-7625 or Carnival at 800-764-7419.

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