Carnival Vista’s 2017 Sailings Mapped

If you feel like you’ve been hearing about Carnival’s Vista cruise ship lately, you’re not imagining things. Headlines about the ship have been everywhere, and for good reason.

Vista is the cruise line’s newest ship. And coming in at more than a thousand feet with the ability to hold nearly 4,000 passengers, it is also the biggest.

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Carnival Vista is breaking all sorts of records… and the mold of what a cruise ship can be. From new restaurants to a hanging “SkyRide” cycle to the first IMAX as sea, guests aboard the ship can expect to see things they would never expect on a cruise ship.

While the ship is currently sailing trips in Europe, come late 2016, the Vista will be homeported in the busy port of Miami. There, it will sail 6 to 8-day trips to the Caribbean.

Many cruisers are understandably excited about the ship coming stateside. With that in mind, we decided to give a little taste about what you can expect from the Vista in 2017 — it’s first full year in Miami.

We’ve mapped out some stats about the ship’s sailings, including the five different itineraries it will take and the total number of miles it will travel over the course of its 2017 sailings.

(Click to enlarge)

Map showing Carnival Vista's 2017 routes

Feature Photo: Vittorio Dell’Aquila

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