Carnival Reveals New Bar Venue That Longtime Fans Will Absolutely Love

Carnival is known for having some of the most loyal passengers in the business, many whom have sailed with the cruise line for years or decades. A new bar that’s making its debut aboard Carnival’s newest ship is sure to get those fans excited.

The Golden Jubilee rendering
Carnival Celebration will feature a new venue — The Golden Jubilee — focused on the history of the popular cruise line. Image courtesy of Carnival.

The popular cruise line — which just turned 50 years old — announced that a completely new venue called The Golden Jubilee will make its first appearance aboard Carnival Celebration when it begins sailing in November.

Located on deck 6 of the new ship, The Golden Jubilee is a spot dedicated to the colorful history of Carnival.

According to the cruise line, the venue will “feature artwork, memorabilia, and original pieces from Carnival’s earlier vessels” throughout the space. In other words, it’s a bar whose décor is full of Carnival history.

For example, just a few items specifically mentioned as adorning The Golden Jubilee include:

  • Blueprint reproductions of past and present Carnival ships
  • Chairs recreated from aboard TSS Carnivale and cocktail tables from Carnival Fascination
  • An original 17’x7′ etched glass, nickel, and mahogany partition with 24 window panes from TSS Mardi Gras’ casino
  • Original statue of Carnival’s founder Ted Arison given to the line upon delivery of Carnival Sensation in 1993
  • Floor tiles with a maple leaf pattern tied to the design of the Grand Ballroom on TSS Mardi Gras

“The Golden Jubilee is the ultimate nod to our 50th Birthday – a nostalgic but timeless lounge where our guests can re-live and connect with Carnival’s yesteryears while enjoying a glamorous and elegant space that embraces our current Carnival style,” said Christine Duffy, president of the cruise line.

But it’s not just the bar that’s giving a nod to Carnival’s past. Celebration will also have a promenade next to The Golden Jubilee that’s dedicated to the cruise line’s history.

It will have a porthole gallery with six windows featuring 3-D dioramas for each decade of the cruise line’s history… and one looking to the future. The promenade will also have the original engine telegraph from 1955 that was aboard TSS Carnivale.

In addition, there will be coins for every ship in the Carnival fleet embedded in the floor and a 12-foot model of Carnival Celebration.

Next to the bar will be a promenade featuring portholes with history of the cruise line, ship coins in the floor, and a 12-foot model of Carnival Celebration.

As for the drinks, Carnival says The Golden Jubilee will have a specialized bar menu that’s focused on retro (including an early version of the cruise line logo from the 1970s) with classic cocktails like a Harvey Wallbanger and a Tom Collins. However, they will be “reimagined in Carnival’s own unique style with premium ingredients and elevated presentations.”

Carnival Celebration will be the second in the cruise line’s latest and largest class of cruise ships, which began with Mardi Gras. She is slated to sail 5-7 day cruises from Miami to the Caribbean starting in November.

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