Carnival Raising Wi-Fi Prices… And Charging for More Room Service Items

In an email sent to booked passengers this morning, Carnival Cruise Line announced new charges for a number of items on future cruises.

Specifically, the cruise line pointed out that the price of Internet service on board will be increasing, and there will be more items on an “à la carte” basis on the room service menu.

Wi-Fi Charges Going Up 

In that letter sent to passengers, Carnival said that the price of wi-fi will see a rise beginning in October:

“Although we continue to do our best to minimize the impact of rising costs, we will be implementing nominal changes to our onboard WiFi packages. WiFi purchases made before the price change will be at the current rates. Reserve pre-cruise before October 1.”

Now, the specific future prices aren’t laid out in the email or on Carnival’s website. However, the email says that you can book early to “save up to 15% and up to 31% vs new onboard pricing.”

Using a little math, we can estimate the potential new charges for the service after October 1:

Based on these figures, a passenger who booked the Premium wi-fi plan for a week-long cruise would now see a charge of an estimated $147 if buying the package on the ship. That would be roughly $28 more than the onboard cost currently charged ($119 for 7 days).

Cruise passengers currently booked can reserve a package at current costs before the October price hike. However, this isn’t the only price that’s increasing.

Room Service to See More Charges

In addition to increasing Internet charges, Carnival also announced that the cruise line is “updating our room service menu to add more options on an à la carte basis while maintaining a complimentary breakfast” in the mornings.

In other words, expect more items with a price attached.

Before the change, Carnival offered a menu with a mix of both paid and complimentary items when served during the day. Breakfast was free, but you could also get things like assorted sandwiches and salads for no charge. There were charges for some items like a cheesesteak, chicken tenders, and wings. In addition, late-night dining was all for a charge.

But beginning in October, that’s changing. Carnival says it will now have complimentary breakfast from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m., but à la carte items the rest of the day:

  • Breakfast from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM – complimentary continental choices with à la carte selections
  • Rest of day/evening from 10:00 AM to 6:00 AM – à la carte selections

While Carnival didn’t lay out pricing, they did say the following regarding the change:

“These changes are consistent with trends across the industry, and also provide us opportunities to continue to work toward meeting our various sustainability goals, including food, water and energy reduction, while still giving our guests the option of 24/7 room service if they so choose.”

Notably, the cruise line made a similar move back in 2019 when it announced it was going to move to a charge for most items other than breakfast. The outcry was such that the cruise line walked back the changes.

Now it seems that plan is back on the table.

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  1. Wow, this is terrible that they will charge for room service in afternoon and evening! I just was on the Sunrise in June and the new breakfast rules were in effect, no more card filled out the night before. I have mobility issues and I get sandwiches room service on port days. I am getting less food by getting a sandwich vs. going to the lido and eating Guy’s burger, pizza, hot food, and yogurt. I am not sure if this will be posted, seems like critical reviews of cruise lines are not desired.


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