Carnival Introducing New Hull Livery Across Entire Fleet

When the first renderings of Carnival’s newest ship, Mardi Gras, were released, cruise fans noticed that it looked completely different than anything else in the fleet.

Not only was the ship bigger and have a different shape than its sisters in the Carnival lineup, but the paint job featured a dramatic “blue wave” at the bow that swept back with a red accent. Compare that to the traditional Carnival hull, which is completely white, and the difference is stunning.

New hull livery on Carnival Magic
The new hull design for Carnival ships. Image courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line.

While Mardi Gras has yet to sail due to the cruise suspension, its striking paint job is already making an impact. Carnival announced today that the red, white, and blue hull design will now become a “trademark feature” across the fleet.

“When we first saw the hull design for Mardi Gras, we knew it was something special and, particularly as we get ready to celebrate our 50th birthday, we’re delighted to incorporate this stunning livery as a signature exterior design element across our fleet,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. “As we look to resume sailing in the U.S., we’re coming back with a signature new look as well!”

Now, it will take time for the concept to make its way to all ships. As ships are dry docked for maintenance and upgrades, they will receive the new paint job. Given dry dock schedules, it will likely take at least several years before all ships in the fleet receive the new paint. 

The first ship to receive the new livery will be Carnival Magic, currently in dry dock in France. (The ship is also getting a larger casino and new finishes for its waterpark and pools.) Carnival Glory will be the second ship to get the new hull design when it dry docks in June.

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