Carnival, Celebrity, and Norwegian Raise Certain Shipboard Prices for 2020

As we start off 2020, three major cruise lines are ringing in the New Year with shipboard price increases.

Carnival will boost price of their CHEERS! drink packages on some cruises, Celebrity is hiking daily gratuity fees, and Norwegian is bumping its room service fee.

Carnival Raises Drink Package Costs (For Some)
For passengers sailing shorter (three or four-day) voyages, the price for Carnival’s CHEERS! drink package rose by $3 per day, effective this month.

The all-inclusive beverage program now costs $54.95 per day (plus gratuity) if purchased pre-cruise, or $59.95 per day (plus gratuity) when purchased on board.

The drink package pricing for longer voyages remains the same for now. Passengers who pre-paid for a CHEERS! drink package on a 2020 voyage will not be charged for the increase.

Celebrity Boosts Gratuity Charge
For the first time since 2018, Celebrity has increased the amount of its daily gratuity charge. Celebrity’s new tip pricing means an increase of $1 per person, per day, for all levels of accommodation.

This means an increase from $14.50 to $15.50 per person, per day, for standard staterooms; from $15 to $16 for Concierge Class and AquaClass staterooms, and from $18 to $19 per day for passengers in suites.

The cruise line’s last gratuity price increase was in January 2018, also for $1 per guest, per day.

Norwegian Pushes Room Service Price Higher
Norwegian’s room service fee rose from $7.95 to $9.95 per order with the New Year.

The price hike includes all room service orders, except continental breakfasts. Passengers staying in one of Norwegian’s Haven suites are not charged for room service.

Norwegian is among several lines that has started to charge for room service in recent years – a perk that used to be free. This charge is per order, not per item. So if you order a full meal or just a snack, they will see the same $9.95 charge.

Other Charges Coming?
If history is any guide, then you can expect to see more price increases from cruise lines coming. Not only do charges for things like gratuities and drink packages rise regularly, but it seems cruise lines tend to announce the changes in groups.

What do you think of the new charges? Will they change what you buy on the ship or the cruise line you sail? Let us know in the comments below.

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