Carnival Cancels Multiple Cruises Due to Hurricane Ian

Update (9/28/2022 @ 12:15 p.m. Eastern):

Carnival has now announced another cancellation. Carnival Liberty, which had been set to depart September 30 from Port Canaveral, is cancelled.

Original article:

Hurricane Ian has already impacted the Caribbean, with the storm barreling over the western end of Cuba and now aimed to directly impact Florida.

As of the latest update from the National Hurricane Center, the storm has sustained winds of 120 m.p.h., and is set to make landfall near Tampa on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, the forecast is for the storm to then crawl ashore.

The center of the storm is predicted to not leave the Florida until Friday, meaning the Sunshine State will have the storm over its land for roughly 48 hours straight. That’s in addition to the impacts that are already being seen in the form of heavy rain.

Due to this forecast, Carnival has heavily adjusted upcoming schedules.

Carnival Cancels Two Cruises Due to Hurricane Ian

As we’ve updated you regularly, many cruises have already been adjusted to stay well clear of the weather. This includes changes to Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Virgin Voyages cruises. Now, Carnival has announced plans to cancel at least two cruises as a result of Ian.

With the storm approaching landfall and predicted to stay in the area, the ports in Tampa, Port Canaveral, and Jacksonville are now closed. 

That’s led to the following cancellations:

  • Carnival Paradise (9/29/2022 sailing from Tampa)
  • Carnival Elation (9/29/2022 sailing from Jacksonville)

With the weather staying in the area, these four-day sailing are not feasible. In fact, the forecast shows the center of the storm being near Jacksonville through Friday, September 30.

Carnival says impacted passengers will receive a full refund and a 25% future cruise credit.

Carnival Also Adjusts Itineraries of Other Trips

With the storm bearing down on Florida and impacting the Caribbean in general, we’ve mentioned a number of updates to cruise schedules here. For Carnival specifically, they include:

  • Carnival Glory (9/25/2022 sailing from New Orleans): Adjusted itinerary to avoid storm.
  • Carnival Ecstasy (9/26/2022 sailing from Mobile): Adjusted itinerary to avoid storm.
  • Carnival Elation (9/24/2022 sailing from Jacksonville): Cancelled call on Princess Cays, will dock in Freeport, and then return home behind the storm, hopefully this weekend.
  • Carnival Paradise (9/24/2022 sailing from Tampa): Will remain docked in Cozumel through Wednesday and return home behind the storm, hopefully this weekend.

Other Carnival Ships With Potential Impacts

In addition to these cancellations and adjustments, Carnival has also said that it will watch two other cruises for potential changes depending on the forecast:

  • Carnival Liberty (9/30/2022 sailing from Port Canaveral)
  • Carnival Sunshine (10/1/2022 sailing from Charleston)

Given the storm’s track and the sailing schedule, it’s possible that these cruises could be impacted as well.

If you are sailing on Carnival anywhere from the southeast United States through this weekend, the cruise line should be in touch with any changes as they happen. However, it’s obvious that your trip has the potential to be altered. Be prepared.

You can view the latest weather updates from Carnival here.

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