$92,990!? Check Out These Expensive 2019 Cruises

For many people, cruising is popular because it’s an affordable way to vacation. For a week-long trip you can head to the warm Caribbean for pennies on the dollar compared to what a similar trip would cost if you flew to the same ports. You might spend a couple of thousand dollars having a great getaway.

But not every cruise is so affordable. As cruising has soared in popularity, more and more sailings are now offered. And with more sailings, there are opportunities to satisfy every niche that cruise passengers might want to see.

Case in point are what we call “worldwide” cruises. These are sailings — typically aboard smaller ships — that take passengers not just to a specific region, but around the planet. They often can last one month or more and costs tens of thousands of dollars.

To be sure, these cruises aren’t for everyone. First you have to be able to afford the cruise fare, which as you’ll see below can run close to $100,000. Beyond that you also have to be comfortable being on the ship for weeks at a time — sometimes with day after day at sea as you cross an ocean.

Still, if you have to the cash to spend there aren’t many vacations that offer the chance to see the world as easily as one of these cruises…

Viking Ultimate World Cruise | $92,990

The most expensive cruise we found, this trip can’t be overstated in just how epic it is. Over the course of 245 days (about eight months), you’re taken literally around the world aboard the Viking Sun. The cruise departs London on August 31, 2019, circumnavigates the globe and returns to London for disembarkation.

Along the way, you’ll visit more than 100 ports of call and see a staggering 59 countries. Your stops include major countries like Canada, the United States, China, and Brazil mixed with out-of-the-way ports of call like the Falkland Islands, Chile, Tahiti, and Cambodia. In addition you’ll sail fjords, the Amazon, and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Prices for the lowest-class stateroom start at $92,990, with the price of the sold-out “Owner’s Suite” coming in at a $269,990. So what do you get for that sort of money?

In addition to your stateroom (which at 270 sq. feet for the least expensive cabin is much larger than on mass-market cruise ships), your fare also includes business-class airfare and private car transfers to the ship. Once on the ship you’ll have the beverage package available in the cost of the cruise, wi-fi, and one excursion in each port. In addition you’ll also have $4,000 in additional shore excursion credit and $2,000 per person shipboard credit. 

Cunard 32-Night Cruise Aboard Queen Elizabeth | $43,655

Queen Elizabeth cruise ship

This cruise aboard Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth isn’t normally this pricey, however only the ship’s Grand Suite is available… for about $45,000.

First, there’s the cruise. It’s a 32-night sailing that departs on January 3, 2019 from Southampton, England. After departing you’ll sail to ports in Spain, Madeira, Africa, and Mauritius before disembarking in Perth, Australia. Given the departure date and route, you’ll be sailing from the cold winter in the north to the summer months in the southern hemisphere.

Aboard the ship the only cabin left is the pricey Grand Suite. The suite comes with butler and concierge service, a complimentary bar, daily fruit, marble bathrooms, and a whirlpool bath. Given the reputation of Cunard for luxury, you’re going to be free from want while staying in this suite during your cruise. 

Seabourn 72-Day Africa & Asia Exploration | $31,999

Seabourn cruise ship

Have a spare $32K for a vacation? That will get you an oceanview suite aboard the Seabourn Sojourn, which departs on March 5, 2019 on a stunning 72-day cruise.

The trip sails from Cape Town, South Africa with stops in ports along the country before heading to Sri Lanka, the Maldives, India, Southeast Asia, China, South Korea, and Japan. Along the way you’ll have regular overnight stays so that you aren’t simply rushed from port to port. The trip ends in mid-May, with disembarkation in Kobe, Japan.

Life onboard is luxurious as you would expect with a high-priced exotic cruise. The oceanview suite is a large 295 sq. feet (about double most regular cruise cabins). It comes with Egyptian cotton linens on the bed, robes, slippers, and a bar stocked with what you like to drink. Even the bathroom comes with a separate tub and shower to help you unwind after a day of sightseeing. 

Regent 131-Night Los Angeles to New York City | $62,599

Seven Seas Navigator

If you wanted to travel from Los Angeles to New York the traditional way, you would spend a few hundred bucks and sit on an airplane flying east for a few hours. But with this cruise you do something completely different. You sail west around the entire world on a 131-night trip costing $62,599 for the cheapest fare for a Deluxe Window Suite.

Departing January 4, 2019, aboard the Seven Seas Navigator, the circumnavigation will take you from Los Angeles across the Pacific to Hawaii, French Polynesia, Samoa, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean, before crossing the Atlantic to New York. Also included in your fare are more than 200 different shore excursions so there is always something to do. In addition you receive roundtrip first-class airfare to the ship and home.

Your home for the four-month trip at the $62,599 price is a spacious 301 sq. foot cabin with king-sized bed, marble bathroom, stocked bar and even your own bathrobe and slippers. As well, wi-fi is included to help you stay in touch with what’s going on back home. If you want to upgrade to the top-end Master Suite, it would run $178,599.

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