6 of the Craziest Things Ever Seen on a Cruise Ship

Think cruise ships are all about boring shuffleboard and buffets? Think again.

With literally thousands of people on a ship, chances are any cruise you sail on will have its share of excitement caused by passengers. And that’s to say nothing of the potential for weather, medical emergencies, or even breakdowns that cause ships to be stranded.

For better or worse, some cruises do have a bit more excitement than others. Case in point: the six instances of crazy things found in the videos below. From wild waves to passengers jumping overboard, if you found yourself on one of these trips then you wouldn’t forget it anytime soon.

Man Jumps Off Moving Cruise Ship


According to the description of this video, it shows a man jumping 60 feet from a Carnival ship into the water off of Grand Turk in the Caribbean. The man swam safely to shore where he was taken by police back to the ship, where he was ordered to disembark. He later had to fly home.

Teenager Climbs Over Railing

This stunning video has more than a million views on YouTube, and for good reason. It’s stunning to watch as what looks like a teenager climbs over the rail of the cruise ship as it’s underway in the open ocean. With nothing but his grip, he dangles over the edge — risking his life.

Massive Wave Hits a Cruise Ship Window


This video shot aboard a Royal Caribbean ship shows the power of the ocean. While it’s rare that a cruise ship gets caught in a storm, it does happen. At about the 25-second you see how scary it can be.. A massive wave hits the window, but somehow the passengers don’t even flinch.

The Spray “Whites-Out” The View From Deck 11

Even storms that aren’t hurricanes can cause an impressive show. This recording, allegedly taken in the Mediterranean Sea — high up on Deck 11 — show a rocking ship that seems pretty harmless. It’s not until the 45-second mark when the bow takes a dip, covering the entire window with a white-out sheet of salt water spray.

A Listing Ship Causes the Pool to Empty

We know few details of this video, except that it appears to have been taken aboard the Carnival Freedom in July 2016 while cruising through the Gulf of Mexico. A list on the ship causes the water from the pools and hot tubs to come pouring out. In general, however, passengers don’t seem too worried.

A “Tsunami Wave” Caused By a Cruise Ship

If you’ve never appreciated the size of today’s cruise ships, then check out this video. The Oasis of the Seas leaving Fort Lauderdale is so massive that it sucks the water out of the channel, out to have it all come rushing back as it passes. You can even see some adventurous people standing out in the middle of it all.

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