Virgin Voyages Offering MONTH-Long Europe Cruises for Just $5K Per Person

Don’t have summer plans yet? A new offer from Virgin Voyages may change that quickly.

In what the cruise line is dubbing its “Scarlet Summer Season Pass,” Virgin is giving passengers the chance to sail Europe for an entire month aboard Scarlet Lady, starting at a price of just under $5,000 per person.

Scarlet Lady docked in The Bahamas
This summer, passengers will have the chance to sail Europe for a month aboard Virgin Voyages… for less than $10K for two people.

In all, passengers have the option of four different trips sailing this summer, with one trip each departing in June, July, August, and September. Each sailing is made up of four separate 7-day cruises, all combined into one trip at a discount.

For instance, the trip departing in June runs from June 9 through July 7. It departs Barcelona, visiting Marseille, Cannes, Mallorca, and Ibiza before returning after one week (the line’s ‘French Daze & Ibiza Nights’ route). Then it sails the ‘Irresistible Med & Rome’ route with stops in France and Italy, followed by a repeat of the ‘French Daze’ before wrapping up with the ‘Irresistible Med’ that includes stops like Marina di Carrara, Ajaccio, and Corsica.

While pricing will vary depending on when you sail, Virgin says that the cost starts at $9,990 for the month-long journey.

In other words, you can skip around the Mediterranean and Europe for an entire month with room, entertainment, and meals at a price of about $180 per person, per day. (Taxes and fees will cost extra.) Virgin says the price is up to 30% off booking the four trips independent of each other.

And that price isn’t for some bottom-tier interior cabin either. It’s for a central “Sea Terrace” cabin, which is lingo for a balcony cabin on the ship. So you’ll get to see plenty of sunshine in your own private space during the cruise.

Lots Included With Your Fare for Four Weeks in Europe

What stands out to us, however, is that Virgin Voyages includes most extras with your cruise. Take this trip on a normal cruise line and the cruise fare is just the start of what you’d pay. There would also be gratuities, meals on the ship, charges for wi-fi, and more.

Virgin is more all-inclusive. Practically everything except alcohol is included on the ship, including all meals, basic drinks including sodas, and wi-fi access (huge, given the length of this trip). In addition there are extra perks for travelers booking this deal will receive, including laundry service, a $10 daily credit for specialty coffee, early access to booking reservations and shore excursions, and access to “Richard’s Rooftop” — a private sundeck for members only.

Now if you’re a family, then no, you won’t be able to take advantage as Virgin is adults-only. However, for those with the ability to take a month off in the summer — or work from the ship — this seems like one of the most cost-effective ways to experience a wide swath of Europe and the Mediterranean in comfort for (relatively) cheap.

To book, you’ll have to reach out to the cruise line directly via the Season Pass webpage here.

We sailed Virgin Voyages to the Caribbean and came away very impressed with the cruise line. For more on our experience and how the line is different, check out our articles here and here.

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