The Single Most Important Cruise Cabin Accessory (And It Only Costs $5)

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Think about the number of electronics you’ll pack for your next cruise. From cellphones to iPads to hair straighteners to game devices, nightlights, and even a fan for your cruise cabin… the list goes on.

That means you could easily fill up two or three outlets at once just trying to power and charge all these devices. Even at home you likely have outlets that are already full. But a cruise cabin can take that problem to a whole new level.

That’s because many cruise cabins only have one plug for you to use. We don’t mean one outlet like at home. We mean one single plug to power all your devices.

If you don’t believe that, take a look at this plug from a Carnival ship. This was the only plug in the entire cabin (including the bathroom)

Cruise ship power outlet
Most cabins come with only one plug.

So what are you supposed to do? Fortunately, the solution is simple — just bring on what we consider the most important cabin accessory you can pack: an outlet tap.

You can get these taps for cheap on Amazon. Just plug it in and that one plug turns into multiples. For our cruises we bring along this outlet tap made by General Electric. It’s about $5 and turns one outlet into three without taking up a ton of space. You can see it in action in the picture below.

Cruise ship cabin tap
This compact plug gives you a spot for three devices.

In addition, you can also bring power strips which provide you with even more outlets.

One thing you don’t want is an outlet tap or power strip that has a surge protector on it. Cruise ships recently implemented rules against surge protectors because they can cause problems with the onboard electrical system.

You can find the General Electric outlet tap shown above on Amazon. You can also find power strips there as well.

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  1. Great advice. It never occurs to me to do this, and every time I’m on a cruise, we’re always unplugging and plugging, unplugging and plugging. I believe NCL is a little better, and usually has a couple of outlets per stateroom, but that’s STILL never enough!


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