The 3 Cheapest Galveston Cruise Parking Lots

Everyone loves a deal. And if you are cruising from Galveston — and driving to the port — then you should rest easy that you’re getting a deal no matter what.

That’s because cruise parking is cheap in Galveston. While most ports charge around $20 per day for the official port parking, Galveston’s port charges between $9-10 per day, if purchased before your cruise.

Why so inexpensive? Give credit to good old-fashioned capitalism.

The area around the port has a number of independent parking lots that have grown with the rise of popularity of cruising in Galveston. Most are right near the port, either within walking distance or with a shuttles that will take you to the port.

That competition has kept prices low compared to other ports, and that’s great for cruise passengers. (You can see all of your parking options here.) Still, we know some passengers want the absolute best deal. That’s why we’ve rounded up the three Galveston parking lots with the cheapest rates for your cruise.

The Least Expensive Galveston Cruise Parking Lots

Discount Cruise Parking Galveston
Discount Cruise Parking in Galvesotn

Discount Cruise Parking
The least expensive parking lot in Galveston also the farthest from the port. Discount Cruise Parking is located right where you reach the island, which is about five miles from the cruise ships. No worries, the lot offers a free shuttle to guests that will drop you off and pick you up from the Port of Galveston.

The rates for parking vary, but on the low end we found off-season dates for as little as $40 (plus tax) for a week-long cruise. That comes out to just under $6 per day.

If you are sailing on a shorter cruise, then you can get even better rates. The website lists prices of $25 for a five-day cruise, or just $5 per day for parking.

Lowest Cost: $40 for 7-day | $25 for 5-day
Distance: 5 miles (shuttle provided)
Phone: 409-599-4016

Cruise Park Galveston
Cruise Park Galveston

Cruise Park Galveston
If you want to park right near the port, then your prices are a little higher. The cheapest option near the cruise ships is a lot called Cruise Park Galveston.

The parking lot doesn’t offer parking for all cruises. In fact, it’s only available for 7-day cruises that depart on Sundays. Meanwhile there is no shuttle to the port, but the parking lot is located just across the street from the terminals.

The cost? Cruise Park Galveston charges only $49 for a 7-day cruise. That’s only $7 per day.

Lowest Cost: $49 for a 7-day trip
Distance: 3 blocks (no shuttle provided)
Phone: 409-354-8787

EZ Cruise Parking
EZ Cruise Parking

EZ Cruise Parking
Located just a few blocks from the terminal, EZ Cruise Parking rates are in line with most of the other independent lots. However, they offer a special discount that makes them among the cheapest lots for you to park.

If you forego the parking lot shuttle to the port then EZ Cruise Parking offers a big discount — $15 off a 4 or 5-day cruise and $20 off parking for a 7-day cruise.

With the discount, this drops the price of your parking to $45 for a 5-day trip and $55 for a 7-day trip. (Tax is added on top of that amount.) That comes out to between $7-$9 for cruise parking for your vacation.

Lowest Cost: $45 for 5-day | $55 for 7-day (with park & walk discount)
Distance: 3-4 blocks from the port (no shuttle provided with discount)
Phone: 409-939-0648

One other suggestion — be sure to book any parking ahead of time online. Nearly every lot charges a little more for parking by drive-up passengers.

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  1. Discount Cruise Parking is not $125 a week. Last week they were $100 a week. Steadily going up. Which means I’m parking elsewhere now.

  2. FYI – prices are no longer what they were. They have now gone up to $75 for 7 days cruise. If you are lucky you might get a $5 off promo code… but still with taxes and fees, it is close to $80 for the week. I don’t know, is that really cheap?


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