Quick Guide to Skyscrapers You’ll See Cruising From Miami

If you’ve never sailed from the Port of Miami, you’re in for a surprise.

Sitting right near downtown, the port area offers stunning views across the city… and its hundreds of skyscrapers. In fact, you can see for miles and spot tall buildings and skyscrapers in nearly every direction.

For many people, those buildings are just the background as the cruise sets sail. But many others are interested in just what exactly all those buildings are.

If you find yourself curious about those buildings, then we have you covered. We’ve identified many of the most prominent structures you’ll see from your cruise ship as you set sail, including spots from downtown Miami all the way to South Beach (the last bit of land as you leave).

Truth is, almost all the tall buildings you’ll see are condominium towers. The South Florida area is known for its massive condo towers, and many of them overlook the port area.

Here’s a picture looking west from the ship, back toward the mainland. You can see a number of prominent buildings, including the American Airlines Center (where the Miami Heat play), the One Thousand Museum building with its unique facade, as well as the Marquis Miami. (Click to enlarge)

Skyscrapers near the Port of Miami cruise terminal

As the ship leaves port, on the north side you’ll pass Miami Beach. Here, you can see the marina, as well as several more condo buildings, including the Murano at Portofino and The Yacht Club. One interesting thing to note are the Rebecca Towers, elderly housing from the city of Miami Beach that has a fantastic location.

South Beach condo buildings

Continuing down the channel, you’ll see four large buildings that sit at the end of Miami Beach. In order of appearance, these are the Portofino Tower, South Pointe Towers, and Continuum on South Beach (north and south tower). In addition, you can see South Pointe Park and the Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse.

Condo towers on South Beach

Finally, as you depart the port, the last bit of land you’ll see is famous South Beach. Condos and hotels run up the coastline as far as you can see. Here we’ve highlighted a few of the more prominent structures that might catch your attention.

Beyond this, it’s nothing by blue water as you start sailing on your cruise out to sea.

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