Complete Map of Carnival Fleet by Homeport & List of Ships

No cruise line is as large and well-represented in cruising as Carnival. The line is the largest in the North American market, with roughly two dozen ships sailing from ports across the United States, from Long Beach to Galveston to Miami to Baltimore to San Juan.

From smaller, older ships like the Carnival Fantasy (in service since 1990) to huge, brand-new ships like the Carnival Horizon (in service since 2018), the cruise line has a ton of variety in the ships that it sails. One common theme, however, is the distinctive red funnel that is a trademark of Carnival’s ships.

And if you are looking for that funnel, we have just the map for you. With more than 20 ships in service, it can be tough to keep trap of which ships call which port home. In addition, the line regularly moves ships to ports around the country, making it even more difficult to know which ship is cruising from where.

Below, we’ve put together a map to help you see visually which ships sail from which port. Simply click on the markers to see the ships. For busy ports such as Miami, zoom in to see each individual marker.

Keep in mind that this map shows only home ports for ships currently sailing from the United States.

Map of Carnival Ships

In addition, we’ve also put together a list of all of these ships where you can see exactly where each ship is ported and more information. The table is fully sortable, so you can order them by which port they sail from, from newest to oldest, or from largest to smallest.

Keep in mind that this table and map will change regularly. As the seasons change, so do the cruise ship locations. For example, Seattle sees an influx of ships in the summer for the Alaskan cruising season, but those ships depart in September for other trips.

As well, Carnival continues to add to its fleet. The next ship from the cruise line, Carnival Panorama, is set to debut in late 2019 and sail from the Port of Long Beach.

Ship NamePortYear BuiltLast UpdatedPassengers
Carnival HorizonMiami2018N/A3,960
Carnival VistaGalveston2016N/A3,934
Carnival BreezePort Canaveral201220173,690
Carnival MagicMiami201120163,690
Carnival DreamNew Orleans200920173,646
Carnival SplendorLong Beach200820163,012
Carnival FreedomGalveston200720142,980
Carnival LibertyPort Canaveral200520162,980
Carnival ValorGalveston200420162,980
Carnival GloryMiami200320172,980
Carnival ConquestPort Everglades200220172,980
Carnival MiracleTampa200420152,124
Carnival PrideBaltimore200220142,124
Carnival VictoryMiami200020182,754
Carnival TriumphNew Orleans199920162,754
Carnival SunshinePort Canaveral199620163,002
Carnival ParadiseTampa199820182,124
Carnival ElationJacksonville199820172,130
Carnival InspirationLong Beach199620182,056
Carnival ImaginationLong Beach199520162,056
Carnival FascinationSan Juan199420182,056
Carnival SensationMiami199320172,056
Carnival EcstasyCharleston199120172,056
Carnival FantasyMobile199020162,056


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