Answered: Can You See Stars at Night on a Cruise?

Want to do some stargazing?

If you live in a populated area, then chances are that most of the night sky is drowned out by light pollution. It only makes sense that a ship floating out in the middle of the ocean with no city lights around would make the perfect place to be able to see thousands of stars you’d never be able to view back home.

Unfortunately, cruise ships aren’t great for stargazing.

How can that be? Wouldn’t the surrounding area be pitch black at night and allow you to see everything? After all, there are no lights in the middle of the sea.

The problem is that cruise ships are well-lit. From lights that simply help other vessels see the ship to lights all around the decks to keep passengers safe, cruise ships concentrate a lot of light in one small area.

Cruise ship waterslide at night

As a result, there is too much light pollution when you are on the ship to be able to see many stars.

Pool deck lit on cruise ship

That’s not to say you can’t see any stars. It’s much like being in a mid-sized city. Bright constellations like Orion and the Big Dipper are still visible. As well, shooting stars would be easily visible while on the cruise ship.

But if you want to see the Milky Way or some dimmer stars, then you won’t be able to. The lights on the ship are simply too bright if you sail on mainstream cruises.

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