8 Cozumel Hotels For Families

Headed to Cozumel with the family? To make your stay the best it can be, it all starts with where you stay. Pick the perfect hotel, and you are well on your way to having a great vacation.

But if you are traveling with your family, then you know that it can be hard to find the right hotel that caters to your needs. Not only do some places simply not offer much for kids, but many resorts can feel like families aren’t welcome at all.

Sometimes that is by design. These days, many resorts cater to adults looking for romantic getaways. With a family, you don’t want to disrupt someone else’s ideal trip by having your children running around. Instead, a resort can create an atmosphere that causes those with kids to look elsewhere for a better fit.

On the flipside, catering a hotel to those with families can be a smart business decision. Parents are often in a better position to spend more money, especially on a hotel that has plenty for the kids to do. That’s one reason that a number of Cozumel hotels cater to families.

Below, we’ve rounded up several options for your family vacation. Keep in mind that just because a hotel isn’t listed here doesn’t mean families aren’t welcome. Click each link to read reviews from other travelers on TripAdvisor.

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Cozumel Hotels for Families with Kids

Sunscape Sabor
If you’re looking for family-oriented resorts, then we think your search should begin with Sunscape Sabor Cozumel. The resort is all-inclusive and located on a sandy beach on the island’s southwest side. Not only is there a beach for the kids to enjoy but there are lots of activities geared toward younger guests. From kid’s clubs (where parents can leave the little ones supervised while they get some adult time) to pools to kayaking, there is no shortage of things for your kids to enjoy.

Allegro Cozumel
Another large all-inclusive resort, Allegro Cozumel is definitely geared toward welcoming families. While it sits beachfront — with all the fun things to do in the sand and water — it’s the other activities that make this resort a standout for kids. This includes five swimming pools, including one that is a pirate-themed water park with slides and water features. Also included is a kids club, and a teens club, as well as babysitting services. For active tots there are also basketball courts, tennis courts, and volleyball.

Iberostar Cozumel
One of the big names in resorts in the Yucatan, Iberostar has a location on Cozumel. The resort has a lot to offer families with kids looking for a getaway, including a kid’s pool and a children’s club. In addition, there is also a mini dance club for young ones to meet other kids during their vacation. Of course, this is all in addition to what you would expect an all-inclusive resort to include, which is everything from beach activities to live shows and performances each night.

Melia Cozumel
Located on the northern end of the island (just a few minutes north of the main town and the airport), the Melia resort is ideal for adults wanting to do some golfing on their vacation. It sits right next to the island’s golf course. For families, however, it offers some of the most unique activities that include a mini-golf course, batting cages, archery, target shooting (with paintballs), and even electric car driving and indoor soccer. This is all in addition to the traditional beach and water activities like kayaking and sailing.

Grand Park Royal
Grand Park Royal in Cozumel

Grand Park Royal
If you’ve ever taken a cruise to Cozumel, then you’ve seen the Grand Park Royal in Cozumel, but perhaps you didn’t specifically notice the hotel. It sits right near the cruise port, so it’s perfect if you love to watch the ships come and go. For families, Park Royal offers a private beach in the shadow of the port, volleyball court, a kid’s pool with waterslides, playground, and more. For parents, there are three restaurants and five bars, in addition to oceanfront swimming pools and hot tubs.

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort
Another option on the north end of the island, the resort offers several amenities that are designed to cater to families. These include a game room, children’s swimming pool, supervised child care and even babysitting for parents who want some free time after hours. There is also a mini-golf course for the kids to enjoy.

Presidente InterContinental Resort
While it might not be your first choice if you are traveling with children as a family, the Presidente InterContinental does offer some services and amenities to keep the whole family happy. This includes items like kid’s clubs and two outdoor pools. Mom and Dad will enjoy that there is babysitting (for an additional charge), or you can let your little ones have a blast on the beach or playing in the water. The sun and sand should be plenty to wear them out for a good night’s sleep.

Hotel Cozumel
This hotel and resort offers a number of kid-friendly options should you decide to stay during your family vacation. First and foremost, the hotel offers a kid’s club with supervised playtime so that parents can enjoy some time to themselves. Kids will also love the huge swimming pool with basketball hoops and large Mayan pyramid in the middle. There are also a ton of games to play outside, including horseshoes and ping pong. Finally, while the all-inclusive usually prices on a per person basis, some seasons your kids can stay for free.

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