14 Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo Hotels With Airport Shuttle Options

While there is no shortage of beautiful places to visit in Mexico, when it comes to resort towns, two big players take the cake.

The first is Cancun, located on the eastern side of the country, known for its white sand beaches. The second is Cabo San Lucas on the country’s Baja Peninsula. And while today Cabo and the surrounding area is known for being a tourist hotspot, that’s actually come to be only since the 1970s.

No matter the history, today Cabo San Lucas is a popular place to visit with millions of tourists coming to see its natural beauty and visit the resort city each year. By far the most popular way to get to the area these days is by plane.

Unfortunately, the location of the airport is quite a distance from the resorts that sit along the coast. So once you arrive, you still have a long ride to get to the hotel.

In fact, the Los Cabos Airport (the airport used to fly into the area) is about a 40-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas and about 20 minutes to the nearest resort. As a result, you’ll need to find transportation from the airport to your hotel for when you arrive.

Options for Getting to Hotels in Cabo San Lucas and Surrounding Areas

So how can you get from the airport to the hotel in Cabo? A bit of searching and you’ll find that you have a number of options, but they can also be confusing.

Taxis: According to our understanding, the taxi lobby in the area is powerful and has helped put in place rules that benefit taxis and hinder outside competition. For example, some resorts appear to only allow taxis on their property — outside shuttles or other transportation aren’t allowed. Meanwhile, one-way shuttle transfers are only available from the airport to the hotel — not vice versa. In addition, many travelers are also surprised by the high rates charged by taxis in the area.

Taxis may be pricey, but they do have the advantage of needing no advanced booking. Just show up at the airport and leave when you want. They will also go to any resort in the area.

Private/Shared Shuttles: A number of shuttle companies have jumped at the opportunity to offer rides to tourists between the airport and hotel. As mentioned above, there are some rules regarding which hotels they can go to, and if they can do one-way or round-trip only. If you are able to book a shared shuttle, you’ll usually pay on a per-person basis — around $20 per person each way to Cabo San Lucas. Private shuttles run about $80-$140 each way, but can usually carry between 4-6 passengers for that price. As well, private shuttles typically offer to make a stop for you to get groceries if you want.

Hotel Shuttles: Between paying higher-than-usual taxi fares and trying to figure out the rules regarding shuttle services, it might seem easier just to book a shuttle through the hotel. On the downside, we know of no hotels that offer free shuttles back and forth between the hotel and airport. There might be some, but the large beachfront resorts we checked typically don’t have free service. Instead, however, they can help you book a shuttle through their preferred provider. While this doesn’t give you the ability to shop around for the best deal, it’s extremely convenient given the rules about which shuttles can operate where. Just book through the hotel and you’re taken care of.

With that in mind, we’ve found a number of Cabo hotels that offer shuttle reservations along with a stay. Keep in mind this isn’t an exhaustive list of hotel withs shuttle service. If you want to stay at another hotel, simply contact them to find out your options.

We’ve also included links to TripAdvisor so you can learn more about each hotel and read reviews from real travelers.

Note: This article contains links to TripAdvisor that are affiliate links. We earn a commission for clicks made on their website, at no charge to you.

Cabo Hotels Offering Shuttle Options

The Grand Mayan at Vidanta Las Cabos
Offers transportation between the airport and the hotel through Cape Travel. Once you have your reservation number, you will book your ride through the hotel’s site.

Royal Solaris Los Cabos
Royal Solaris suggests Los Cabos Airport Shuttle, with a shared service costing $13 per person each way. You can also contact the Sol-Ha Tours & Travel agency at travelcabos@hotelessolaris.com to learn more about your options.

Hyatt Ziva
For an additional fee the hotel is happy to offer a transfer from the airport. Both private and shared transportation options are available, but require 48 hours notice. You can contact rodrigo.delapena@hyatt.com for more details and to book the shuttle.

One & Only Palmilla
Offers private airport transfers in a luxury SUV. You can email the company at reservations@oneandonlypalmilla.com for more details on pricing.

Marquis Los Cabos
As part of a special package booked through the hotel website, you can get the “Airport Transportation Package” that includes round trip rides in the hotel’s SUV to and from the hotel. You will need to contact the transfers department (toursandtransfers@marquisloscabos.com) before your arrival to confirm flight details. It’s also valid only on stays of four nights or longer.

Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort
While the hotel mentions taxis and shuttles, they also say they offer private luxury transportation in Escalades and Suburbans at a round trip price of $240 for up to six passengers. You’ll need to email the hotel to book your transportation if you decide to use their services.

Las Ventanas al Paraíso
You can find cheaper transport through a third-party company, but Las Ventanas offers a convenient way to the hotel. For $160 each way, you can be picked up in either a Mercedes or Cadillac for your ride from the airport. There are also luxury vans available for up to 12 guests at $200. You can email lasventanas@rosewoodhotels.com for more details.

Chileno Bay (Auberge Resorts)
While details are thin, the Chileno Bay resort offers several packages that include round trip transportation between the luxury resort and the airport. They also offer many packages with free nights (such as stay seven nights and two are free) for those looking for a deal.

Hacienda Encantada
When you book your stay here, you also have the option of booking private airport transportation. The hotel offers one-way service for about $120 for up to four people.

Located about 30 minutes form the airport, Esperanza offers private transportation. You’ll need to call ahead (866-311-2226) to arrange your ride. The hotel website says they offer rides for up to six passengers per vehicle.

The Cape
Among its list of amenities (including all rooms having ocean views), the hotel says it has “Transportation services available for guests (including to and from the airport) through our Concierge Desk. To inquire, please call 011.52.624.163.0006”. In addition, there are also packages available with transportation included.

Villa del Palmar
You can book your round trip transportation between the Los Cabos airport and the resort directly through the hotel website. Simply fill out the form and the company will get back to you with a quote and details.

Pueblo Bonito
Similar to Villa del Palmar above, Pueblo Bonito offers transportation that can be arranged online before you arrive. According to the hotel website, “because taxis from the airport to Cabo San Lucas can be quite expensive and unpredictable, booking transportation with Pueblo Bonito in advance is the best way to go. Be wary of people offering transportation in the airport as you pass through; many are timeshare booths. Airport transportation can be arranged online through our online transportation form, or by calling 1-800-990-8250.”

Playa Grande Resort
Playa Grande (along with other Solmar resorts in the area like Grand Solmar Land’s End) offers booking through the hotel so you don’t have to worry about finding a ride from a third party. Rates for a shared shuttle are $21 per person each way or $42 per person round trip. You can also book a private ride for $250 for up to five people.

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