12 Most Popular Items Bought for a Cruise (7 Under $10)

Getting ready to go on a cruise? No doubt you are wondering exactly what you should pack. Don’t worry you aren’t alone.

Our most popular article of all time on Cruzely is 39 Useful Things to Pack For Your Cruise. Literally hundreds of thousands of readers have read this advice. Meanwhile it’s been shared thousands of times on Pinterest and Facebook.

Through the article there are links to purchase many of the items on Amazon, which can provide insight on what cruise passengers are actually buying before they set on their trip.

Below we’ve rounded up the most popular items bought by Cruzely readers…

Note: The links to Amazon used below are affiliate links. Should you make a purchase, we receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

Cellphone Dry Bag

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular item bought by our readers is this cellphone dry bag. After all, everyone has a phone and it’s everything to us these days. Now they help us keep in touch, check email, have maps, and of course cameras. With this dry bag you can keep your phone with you even in the water without worrying about it getting wet. About $7 on Amazon

Outlet Tap

Cruise ship cabin tap
This compact plug gives you a spot for three devices.

The number of outlets in most cruise cabins is painfully low. It’s not uncommon to have one plug to use for all of your devices from cell phones to laptops to tablets and anything else you might need to power. These outlets taps plug in and provide three plugs where there was only one. It’s a cheap and easy way to overcome the lack of outlet space. About $5 on Amazon

Wrinkle Remover Spray

One of the downfalls of packing all your clothes into a suitcase is that no matter how neatly you pack, something will always be wrinkled. Of course, no one wants to iron while on vacation. That’s one reason why this wrinkle release spray is so popular. Just spray it one and smooth out the garment and the wrinkles disappear. Just $6 on Amazon

Shoe Organizer

A shoe organizer? No, don’t pack enough shoes on your cruise to need an organizer. However, these over-the-door organizers are perfect for organizing small items like electronics, toiletries, underwear, and anything else you might have. It’s easy to help keep clutter down in the cabin that’s cramped as it is. Just $8 on Amazon

Towel Clips

Cruise passengers often don’t think about it, but cruise ships typically sail between 15-20 miles per hour. That means there is almost always a breeze when you’re trying to lay out by the pool. And if you have a towel, it’s going to be flapping in the wind and hard to control even if you lay on it. That’s why many people get these towel clips to keep their towel in place while they relax. Only about $8 on Amazon

Seasickness Medicine

Truth is most cruises are pretty smooth sailing. The massive ships are designed to be stable. But you can still feel the ocean if the waves pick up. That’s why it’s a good idea for everyone to have a little something for motion sickness whether they need it or not. The good news is that a box of Dramamine is just a few bucks but worth its weight in gold. Only $5 on Amazon

Cabin Nightlight

Are you sailing in an interior cabin? Be prepared for the rooms to be extremely dark. That darkness combined with an unfamiliar cabin means that it’s way too easy to stub a toe on your way to the restroom in the middle of the night. That’s why so many cruisers pack a nightlight to make things easier. Only $10 for two on Amazon

Small Cabin Fan

Adding a small fan to your cabin can add some air movement to your room, which is especially nice if you don’t have a balcony room with a door to open. But many people also buy a cabin for their trip to add some white noise while they sleep so that they don’t get awoken by people walking the halls or the sounds of the ship during the night. About $17 on Amazon

Insect Repellent

While it doesn’t get the headlines these days, Zika is still a major concern in the tropics. It’s a good idea to bring along some mosquito repellent on your trip. While on the ship the bugs aren’t a major issue are there aren’t many insects in the middle of the ocean. However, on land you’ll want to protect yourself. Only about $7 on Amazon

Toilet Spray

Want to get to know someone really well? Share a cruise cabin with them. In a small cabin you can hear — and smell — everything. To help out, many cruisers bring along a bottle of this toilet spray. You spray it over the water in the toilet before you go and it helps to keep smells locked in. We haven’t tried it ourselves but the Amazon reviews are outstanding.

Waterproof Valuables Case

One of the big questions when you hit the beach is what do you do with your stuff? Leave it on the beach and it can get swiped when you are in the water. Take it with you swimming and then you run the risk of it getting wet. Luckily these waterproof pouches take care of the problem. They seal up and can be worn around your waist so you don’t have to worry about leaving your things unattended or having them get wet. About $20 for two

Collapsible Backpack

Sunscreen, a change of clothes, ID, camera, phone… there’s no shortage of things to bring when you head into a port of call. Many people opt to bring a collapsible lightweight backpack like this one. It folds up to go anywhere but can hold everything you need for a day at the beach. Meanwhile, it’s considerably cheaper than a traditional backpack. About $20 on Amazon

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12 Most Popular Items Bought for a Cruise (7 Under $10)


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