10 Exciting Things We Know About the New Carnival Panorama

If you haven’t yet heard the name Carnival Panorama, then you soon will. That’s the name of Carnival’s newest addition to its fleet. The Vista-class ship — a sister to Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon — is currently under construction and scheduled to set sail in late 2019.

Of course, any new ship coming out is always big news. And there’s always a steady stream of details to get passengers excited about sailing. So far the news coming from the Panorama points to a ship that’s going to turn heads and make headlines. As a sister to the Vista and Horizon, there will be many similar features that have made these ships the top of their class… along with some specific changes to the Panorama that will make it stand out.

We recently poured through what’s been announced so far regarding the ship to give you a better idea of what we know right now about the Carnival Panorama.

Carnival Panorama
Images courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines

It Will Be the Largest Ship in the Fleet… But Not For Long

Like her sister ships, the Panorama is slated to come in at 1,055 feet and 133,500 tons. That will make the ship the largest in the Carnival fleet (tied with other Vista-class ships) and mean plenty of room for activities aboard the ship.

That said, the title won’t last long. Carnival has started building on the Carnival Mardi Gras that is said to be 180,000 tons — or about 35% larger by weight. That ship is slated for delivery in 2020 and will sail from Port Canaveral.

Panorama Will Sail From Long Beach Starting December 2019

One of the biggest developments around the Carnival Panorama is that it will be homeported in Long Beach. Carnival has had ships positioned here for years, but it’s first new ship to call the port home in 20 years. We think that shows a major dedication to west coast cruising when it’s normally Florida that gets the attention from most cruise lines. The first cruise is slated for December 11, 2019.

The Ship Will Sail 7-Day Cruises to Mexico

Apart from an inaugural three-day cruise, the Panorama will run a regular seven-day sailing from Long Beach to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta before returning to California. The cruise will run weekly departing and arriving home on Saturdays throughout 2020. Prices start at $499 per person for an interior cabin.

There Will Be No IMAX on the Ship

One of the big headline-grabbing features of the Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon was the inclusion of the first IMAX at sea. On these ships you can go see first-run movies in all their IMAX glory while on your cruise (note that the cost is similar to an IMAX movie on land). Despite the fanfare, it’s been announced that Carnival Panorama will not have the movie screens on board.

Panorama Will Have the First Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone on Carnival Panorama

Instead of an IMAX, the Panorama will have the first ever Sky Zone trampoline park. The multi-deck park will be more than 3,000 square feet, with a 12-lane trampoline court, climbing wall, tug of war, and more. Think of it as a massive bounce house on steroids. Not only will the kids be able to burn off energy here, but there are planned times for toddlers and families to enjoy the space and fitness activities for passengers.

You Can Already Book Your Spot

If you’re interested in booking a cruise on the Carnival Panorama, then great news — you can already reserve your spot. Despite not sailing until December 2019, you can already book reservations through April 2021. That gives you a lot of time and a lot of options to find the cruise that’s perfect for your schedule.

There Will Be a Huge Water Park

Gone are the days of having a rinky-dink waterslide on a cruise ship. Water features continue to get bigger and better. Panorama will have the Carnival WaterWorks, complete with spiral waterslides, a splash zone, water toys, and even the “Kaleid-O-Slide” — a raft slide that adds colors and lights to enhance the fun.

Your Favorite Eateries Will Be on Board

Carnival has had a lot of hits with its food on board, and the Panorama will have all your favorites. There will of course be the Guy’s Burger Joint and BlueIguana Cantina. Beyond that, there will be the Pig & Anchor Smokehouse… Bonsai Teppanyaki… Cucina del Capitano… JiJi Asian Kitchen… the Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse… Seafood Shack… Pizzeria del Capitano… not to mention more restaurants, the buffet, and the main dining room. In other words, you will not go hungry.

The Havana and Family Harbor Rooms Are Back

One of the big changes on Vista-class ships was the addition of Havana and Family Harbor rooms. These two areas of the ship are similar to a resort within a resort. For instance, the Havana rooms have different themes than the rest of the ship and also have special access to a Havana pool area with private pools for guests booking this small group of rooms. Those in Family Harbor rooms have access to a special lounge that’s perfect for relaxing and hanging out with the entire family — including snacks, games, and TVs.

The Panorama will have these special classes of cabin, which should make many passengers happy.

It’s the First Carnival Ship Featured in the Rose Parade

Rendering of Carnival float in Rose Parade

If you watch the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, then you’ll get a sneak peek at the Carnival Panorama. The ship will be the design of a float from Carnival. Measuring 55-feet long and covered with thousands of flowers, the ship float will have a number of features found on the new Panorama, including a small Sky Zone trampoline park.

Interested in learning more about the Vista-class of ships like Carnival Panorama? See more about the Carnival Horizon, the Panorama’s sister ship.

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