NCL Updates Latitudes Rewards Program. Here’s What Changed for Members

If you’re a Norwegian Cruise Line Latitudes Rewards member, then you may be entitled to more perks than you realized. That’s because the cruise line’s loyalty program underwent a significant change in January 2022, including a rearrangement of tiers, reducing the points needed to earn higher status, and more rewards.

NCL Latitudes Rewards status level on a keycard
Your keycard may show your status level. You can also login to to see your current points.

In short, the changes should be welcomed as they add a lot of extra into Latitudes Rewards. Even if you only sail the cruise line occasionally, there is a possibility that you could get more than you realized thanks to the revamp.

Not sure if you’re a member yet? If you are over 18 years old and have sailed NCL, then you’re automatically enrolled into the program. You can see how to contact the cruise line to get your account information here. And if you’re unfamiliar with the loyalty program, we have an entire guide to Latitudes Rewards here.

Here’s a look at what’s changed with the program in the latest update.

Addition of New Status Tiers

One of the biggest changes is the addition of two new tiers to the status levels, and the removal of one former tier. Prior to the change, Latitudes Rewards featured six different levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Plus
  • Ambassador

Now NCL has introduced two new tiers — Sapphire and Diamond — and removed the Platinum Plus level for passengers. The new status now comes with seven different levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Sapphire
  • Diamond
  • Ambassador

The Sapphire level largely replaces the former Platinum Plus tier. They offer similar rewards and take a similar number of nights to reach. A completely new tier is the Diamond level. This tier fills what was a large gap in points between what was needed for Platinum Plus (now Sapphire) and Ambassador.

Reduction in Points Needed for Each Tier

Who doesn’t want to earn rewards faster? That’s exactly one change that NCL made to the Latitudes Rewards program. The existing tiers were all assigned fewer points needed to reach that status. In addition, the Diamond level was put in for another status level to be reached.

Points needed per status level
The number of points needed for most tiers has been reduced. If you were Platinum Plus before, you’ll now be in the Sapphire or Diamond level.

For all but the highest tiers, the number of nights needed has been reduced by 5-10 nights. Given the cost per night to sail, that’s a significant reduction in not just the number of nights needed, but the money it takes to reach those higher status levels.

New Perks Added

Often when loyalty programs for hotels, airlines, or other travel are revamped, it’s code for reducing benefits or placing more restrictions. That’s not the case here. Comparing the past benefits to the new benefits, all the old benefits are still there and new ones have been added.

So what is new? Here is a list of new perks added:

  • Member cruise (special cruises offered to Latitudes members)
  • Signature tier pin
  • Exclusive cocktail party
  • “Wines Around the World” tasting
  • Pre-cruise service desk
  • Sail & Sustain Mixology experience
  • One-time cabin upgrade
  • Special Ambassador gift

As mentioned, there weren’t any rewards taken away. Instead, perks were added, making the program more attractive to loyal NCL cruisers.

Here’s a full list of benefits now offered:

Updated list of rewards for NCL Latitudes members

Internet Discount

One perk that did change slightly relates to the Internet on the ship. Prior to the most recent change, Platinum members and above received a free number of minutes to access the Internet.

Platinum members received 30 minutes access for free. Platinum Plus and Ambassador members received 60 minutes for free.

That has now changed to a discount off the price of Internet packages. Now Platinum members receive 15% off the price of Wi-Fi, with the discount growing larger for Sapphire, Diamond, and Ambassador levels.

If you were the type to get an Internet package anyway, then this change is a big benefit as it will save you money. If, however, you only used free minutes to check in online here and there, then it means you won’t get free access anymore.

What to Think About These Changes

As mentioned, the changes to the Latitudes Rewards program appear to benefit passengers of all types. Not only are there more perks available, but the number of nights needed to achieve higher status has been reduced.

In our eyes, if you’re an NCL fan then these changes are a strong incentive to keep sailing with the cruise line. You should see more perks rewarded faster, without having to spend as much on sailings.

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