Everything to Know About Cruise Ship Closets

Closets are one of the most overlooked aspects of any cruise cabin. Yet, they are also one of the most helpful. A surprising amount of features are packed into the cabin closet, while giving you lots of space to store your luggage without cluttering up the room.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect from the typical cruise cabin closet, here are details of what they include and photos so you can see for yourself.

Size of the Cabin Closets

First things first, given the size of the cabin, the closets are large. Normally located right near the door as you walk in, they are approximately two feet deep and four feet wide. That may not sound like much, but it’s plenty to store a couple of full-size suitcases in addition to hanging clothes.

In other words, if you’re worried about not having enough space, you can stop now. Plus, if you do need more space for suitcases, you can slide them underneath the bed.

Here’s a look:

Wide view of closet

Closet Features

While each cabin is different, most of the time they have similar features.

Clothes Hangers
No, you don’t need to bring clothes hangers from home. Like hotels, there are built in hangers in the closet, as well as a couple of hang rods. Unless you simply pack a lot of items that need hanging, then you should be perfectly fine on clothes hangers.

Clothes hangers in a cabin closet

In addition to the hangrods, there are usually several shelves for storing items flat. While the cabin will also have drawers elsewhere that you can store folded clothes, these shelves can hold a lot. It’s a good place to store items that you won’t access regularly as it can be annoying to trying to get to these shelves once the closet is full.

Shelves in the cabin closet

Safe (Sometimes Located in Closet)
Sometimes the cabin safe is located within the closet. The safes you find on the ship are small, but invaluable. They are about the size of a toaster oven and can hold things like an iPad, wallets, passports, and cameras. Most laptops would be difficult to fit. Whenever you leave your room, always use your safe. It’s the easiest way to prevent something going missing.

Cruise ship cabin closet

Life Jackets
Finally, you’ll find your life jackets in the cabin. It’s best to check for them when you first arrive as they should be there. If you have kids, you’ll want to make sure that one of them is a child’s size life jacket. If not, simply let your room steward know and they can get one for you. There’s no need to get the jackets out — you don’t need them unless there is an emergency. Simply check that they are in the closet or somewhere else in the room.

Life jacket


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