4 Ways Cruise Passengers Can Help Bahamas Survivors for Hurricane Dorian

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By now, you’ve no doubt seen the pictures, videos, and stories of Hurricane Dorian’s impact on the Bahamas. The storm registered as one of — if not the — strongest storms to ever hit land. At the same time, it also slowed to a stall while impacting populated areas.

Satellite view of hurricane

The effects on some parts of the country are nothing short of catastrophic. Lives have been turned upside down as some people have lost everything.

Rebuilding will take years, but in the near-term there are needs for simple necessities like food, water, and shelter for those affected.

As cruisers, many of us call on the Bahamas. Now it’s time for the Bahamas to call on us. They need the help of cruise passengers who visit during the good times to help during what is their darkest time.

Fortunately, we in the United States and around the world can offer aid. There are a number of organizations that are rushing in to help. By donating to these causes, you can help bring relief to people impacted by this devastating hurricane.

Below are four options you can used to donate now:

Bahamas Red Cross
The Red Cross is active in the Bahamas, and you can make a donation through their website. https://bahamasredcross.org/donate/

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army helps provide assistance to both survivors and first responders in the impacted area. You can donate on their website, and specify that your gift go toward helping those in the Bahamas with Hurricane Dorian relief.

Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation
Grand Bahama was one of the most impacted areas by Dorian. The Grand Bahama Port Authority formed the foundation in response to the storm. You can donate money from the United States and there are also several places around the United States where you can drop off goods. The foundation already has flights making runs to the affected area with donations. https://www.gbdisasterelief.org/

Pan American Development Foundation
The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is the foundation arm of the Organization of American Stats (OAS) and also suggested by Royal Caribbean as a way to help with Dorian relief. You can donate on their website.

Can’t donate? Whether you can or can’t, you can help relief efforts by sharing this page so that others who wish to donate can know where they can be of help.

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