11 Perfect Gifts For People That Love Cruising

Trying to find that perfect present for someone that’s in love with cruising? We have just the thing… or 11 things to be more accurate.

We’ve curated items that range from super practical to super fun to pieces that are frankly works of art. The one thing they have in common is that if you know someone who is into cruising, then they make a perfect gift.

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Personalized Cruise Map of Any Journey

Have a cruise to remember? This is the perfect gift. TheCruiseMaps.com is a unique company that makes custom maps of your cruise. The site uses the actual satellite data from the ships to plot exactly where a specific cruise actually traveled. It makes it a one-of-a-kind gift to remember a special cruise.

They offer maps of just about any cruise going back to 2015, and you can even pre-order for an upcoming cruise. The map will be sent after the trip is completed. Starting at $60 at TheCruiseMaps.com (use promo code CRUZELY for 10% off).

Cruise Gift Cards (10% Discount)

At this time, gift cards from Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival and Holland America are all available through the program. Denominations are available of $100 and $500 face values.

These days you can get Carnival gift cards from most grocery stores. Just look for the big kiosks that sell all those gift cards to places like Starbucks and Amazon, and Carnival is one that is usually included.

However, there’s a better way to buy. If you are an AARP member (anyone can join), then they sell gift cards at a discount to most of the major lines, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess, and Holland America.

The discount is normally 10%, which given the cost of a cruise, can save hundreds on the cost of sailing. For more details, see our article here.

Cruise Decking Bookmark

Image courtesy of RelicPens on Etsy.

One of the most unique gifts you’ll find a cruise lover is this bookmark. It features an inlay of teak decking off the Carnival Triumph, which has since changed names to Carnival Sunrise (Carnival Splendor is also available). We’re not sure how the decking was acquired, but this bookmark gives you the ability to keep a little piece of the ship and a connection to your vacation even when you aren’t sailing. $42 on Etsy.

Limited Edition Carnival Gear

Have someone that’s a big fan of Carnival Cruise Line? The line is known for having some of the most rabid fans around who absolutely adore the line. In that case, then the Carnival Shop is just the thing.

The shop offers unique items that typically tie to some sort of special event, like the recent 50th anniversary of the cruise line’s founding or new ships that are joining the fleet. Bottom line: What you find here isn’t going to be something generic you can find anywhere else and makes for great gift shopping.

“Blame It on the Drink Package” T-Shirt

Image courtesy of rosebloomclothing on Etsy.

If you cruise, then you know the power of the drink package. Let’s just say it’s a good excuse (or reason) for those little moments that you may not want to remember after the cruise.

If you’re shopping for someone that likes to tip a glass, then this t-shirt says it all. It’s sure to be a hit on any cruise ship and let others know where they can find the party. $15 on Etsy.

Beach Bag

N/AWant something that’s inexpensive but also ridiculously useful? A beach bag makes an ideal gift for someone that loves to cruise. The new trend of large square totes made of high-density foam might be nice because they hold their shape, however, we’d suggest against them. Since they hold their shape, they aren’t easy to fold up and put into a suitcase if needed for travel to the port. $11 on Amazon.

Cabin Accessories

Outlet expander for cruise

We are always big fans of gifts that have a lot of practical use. In that case, cabin accessories might not get a big “wow” out of people when they open them up, but when they actually take the cruise, then they will appreciate them immensely.

Items like an outlet adapter (to give more outlet plugs in the cabin), magnetic hooks (which attach to the metal ceiling to offer a place to hang swimsuits or anything else), and a shoe organizer (hangs over the bathroom door to offers little pockets to keep the cabin tidy) can make the cabin much more inviting.

Mask/Snorkel Set

N/AHave a teen that’s about to go on a cruise (or an adult like us that still likes to be active)? There’s plenty of opportunity to do some snorkeling on a Caribbean cruise but you need to have the gear. You can usually rent it around ports of call, but the rates are generally to the point where if you use a set twice, having your own has paid for itself.

As a bonus, you also aren’t using a snorkel that someone else has had in their mouth. $25 on Amazon.

Onboard Treats or Decorations Through the Cruise Line

Want to surprise someone on their cruise with a bottle of champagne, flowers, in-room decorations, or any number of special items to make their cruise just a little more special?

You can do that. Major lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean have online shops where you can buy anything from stuffed animals to drinks to red roses (the offers will vary by line). If you’re not sure what to get, there are plenty of options for you to browse through to pick that perfect gift.


N/AWant a gift that will make a big impression? What about something that’s perfect for a cruise but they will also be able to use for years to come? Luggage makes a great gift for anyone about to take a trip.

In particular, we suggest upgrading to a set that includes 4-wheel rollers. These are perfect for the narrow hallways on a cruise ship. We also like that it means you can drag them without having the suitcase bump into your heels as you carry it behind you.

“Cruise Vibes” T-Shirt

Image courtesy of CustomTrendyShirts on Etsy.

Search on Etsy and there is no shortage of fun cruise shirts. From those touting you should “Blame it on the Drink Package” to custom group shirts you can buy for everyone in the travel party, there are a lot of options.

We personally think this “Cruise Vibes” shirt is cute, fun, and comes in a lot of different colors. It would make a perfect gift for someone getting ready to take their cruise. $17 on Etsy.

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