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Whether you are a first-time cruiser or have sailed dozens of times, there's always something more to learn. That's why we created The Cruiser's Bible. Within this guide you'll find answers to anything you could want to know about cruising -- from packing lists to port guides to money-saving tips to getting the best deal on your trip. 

Pack smarter. Save more. Cruise Better.


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What you'll find inside The Cruiser's Bible


Planning & Packing


Port Guides


Cruise FAQ

Four helpful sections. Fifty-eight full color pages. Advice and tips on every page turn. The must-have resource for anyone taking a cruise.


Cruise Tips & Tricks

We’ve covered every aspect taking a cruise. Here’s a look at just some of what you’ll find within The Cruiser's Bible:

  • An 82-item list of what you need to pack for your cruise… and important items to avoid (Pages 11-12)
  • Parking rates for every major cruise port in the entire United States (Page 20)
  • Six emergency contacts you should print out and keep with you… just in case (Page 55)
  • The complete details on "all-you-can-drink" packages and if they are worth the money (Page 31)
  • A place in your cabin where you should be sure you never go nude... or you might be seen (Page 38)
  • The absolute earliest you can safely book a flight for after your cruise gets back (Page 16)
  • And much, much more (58 pages worth!)

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Download your copy instantly

When we created this 58-page guide, we did so with the knowledge that there might be some people who are about to embark on their cruise and don’t have the time to order a copy and wait for it to be delivered. 

That’s why we put the entire guide into a handy PDF file format, which allows you to download directly to your computer, tablet or even cell phone. 

You’ll receive a link to download instantly after you order. That way you’ll always have access, even while on your cruise.

Best of all, it comes in a ready-to-print format, allowing you to have as many copies as you need.

Use code "LUVCRUISE"

for $5 off!

Save time. Save money. Cruise better.

Let’s face it, tourism is all about the big bucks. Airlines charge you to select a seat. Car rental companies charge for extra insurance. Even Las Vegas hotels charge “resort fees” on top of your room fare.

Traveling on a cruise is no different. Everyone has their hand out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still save. 

Within The Cruiser's Bible, we cover exactly how you can potentially save hundreds of dollars on your next vacation. Here’s a look at some of the tips we’ve found that can save you money:

  • The cheapest (and most convenient way to get from the airport to the cruise port (Page 23)
  • 10 rules for getting the best deal on your next cruise (Pages 5-9)
  • How you could get FREE PARKING for doing something you'd do anyway (Page 42)

The savings don't end there. We want to help you save time too and have a smoother trip. That's why we've tried to answer every question about your cruise, so that you don’t have to. 

Within these pages you’ll find handy packing checklists, suggested tipping amounts (so you’ll avoid an embarrassing situation) and even your options on getting to the cruise terminal — without spending an arm and a leg.

This is all information that took us years to uncover, and it’s packaged neatly into The Cruiser's Bible.


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Order through the link below, and you'll get the best price we're offering - just $19 for page after page of useful cruise information that can help you save time, money, and have a more enjoyable trip. That rate is more than 37% off the rate you'll find in other places.

Just use the button below to order now. You'll receive an instant PDF download that can be taken with you on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Even better, for those who prefer traditional ink and paper, you can print out The Cruiser's Bible and take it with you anywhere in the world.

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Oh, one more thing...

We know that no matter how much information we pack into this guide, it’s impossible to cover every single question someone might have. That’s why we’ve created a solution for readers. It’s an exclusive email address that allows you to email us directly… and it’s only for cruise passengers who purchase this guide.

You’ll find this email address on Page 2 of The Cruiser's Bible.

No matter your question (Can I bring a fishing pole on my cruise? What’s the best restaurant in Cozumel for vegetarians?) we’ll respond directly to try to find the answer for you. It’s like having your own personal cruise expert at your disposal.


What will I receive upon ordering?

After ordering you will receive a link to instantly download a PDF version of The Cruiser's Bible. This 58-page guide covers every aspect of cruising from how to find the best deal on a cruise, to what to pack, how to save cash, port profiles, and much, much more.

In addition, those purchasing this guide will have access to a special email address (located on Page 2) that allows them to ask any other questions they might have.

How do I print out the cruise guide?

Printing is simple. Once you download the guide, just go to File -> Print to print out a copy.

Is ordering secure?

Yes. We have partnered with SendOwl and Swipe to offer secure ordering. Your credit card information is never stored on our website.

I have a question not answered here how can I contact you?

If you have any more questions about The Cruiser's Bible, you can contact us here.


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