Quiz: Should You Choose an Interior or Balcony Cabin?

If you’re taking a cruise — especially if it’s your first one — then you are likely asking yourself if you should go for a less-expensive interior cabin or spring for the balcony room.

It can be a tough decision. After all, while most everyone would prefer to have a balcony, it can cost hundreds or thousands more. Meanwhile, interior cabins offer all of the perks and amenities of a balcony room for much less money.

For most passengers however, it can be pretty easy decision as long as they ask themselves the right questions. Below we’ve outlined the seven most important questions to ask yourself. We’ve also created a simple and fun quiz that will tell you if you’re better off booking that balcony or sticking with the inside cabin.

7 Questions to Ask in Choosing the Right Cruise Cabin

How late do you like to sleep?
Are you a late sleeper? If so, then an interior cabin might be just the thing. The interior cabins are dark — extremely dark — no matter the time of day. If the lights are out, you have no idea if it’s noon or midnight. Late sleepers will appreciate not having the morning light streaming into the room like they might have with a balcony room. Conversely, if you are the sort of person who likes to get an early start, that’s much easier with the daylight that can come in through the windows in the morning.

How much do you like to spend on vacation?
Of course, everyone likes to pay less on a trip. However, some people don’t mind spending a bit extra to upgrade their experience. If you are the sort of person who likes to splurge on vacation, go ahead and get the balcony cabin. But if you’re the type who is simply looking for the cheapest vacation, then it sounds like you’d be better off saving hundreds by selecting the interior room.

How long is your cruise?
Taking a three day cruise? With that short amount of time, having a balcony or an interior cabin might not make that big a difference in your enjoyment of the trip. But if you are on a seven day trip, then being in an inside room can start to wear on you. That’s why many people look to book balcony cabins on longer trips. It offers a little more “breathing room” on extended sailings.

Are you the type to spend a lot of time in your cabin?
Some people love spending time in their room during a cruise. Others use it simply as a place to leave their suitcase during the trip, and are always out and about. Depending on which type of passenger you are, it will have an impact on which room type you should book. Those planning to spend a lot of time in the room are going to be happier having the private balcony to spend their time.

Are you taking a cruise to Alaska?
If your cruise is headed to Alaska, go ahead and spend the extra money for a balcony cabin. Why? So much of the reason for sailing to Alaska is the scenery. Being able to enjoy the splendor from your own private balcony is a “must” for passengers.

What’s your favorite part of the cruise?
You can learn if you should get a balcony cabin or an interior room by asking yourself what’s your favorite part of cruising. For us personally, there’s nothing better than having a drink while watching the ocean go by. That’s why we usually opt for balcony cabins as it gives us private space to relax. If instead you are the sort of person who loves to be out and about in ports or sitting poolside, then having that balcony isn’t as important.

How many people are traveling in your cabin?
Are you just sailing with yourself or one other person? If so, then it doesn’t really matter if you have an interior cabin or balcony as far as space goes. But if traveling with more than two people, it’s a good idea to have a balcony. Not only does this give you some extra space, but it’s also a separate area where you hang out in the cabin (especially helpful if someone is trying to get some sleep in the room).

Still not sure which cabin you should choose? Answer the questions below to see what our quiz says…

Should You Book an Interior or Balcony Cabin?

How late do you like to sleep?

1. I like to sleep in
2. I'm an early riser

How much do you like to spend on vacation?

1. I like to keep my trips as cheap as possible
2. I don't mind spending a bit extra on vacation

How long is your cruise?

1. Short (5 days or fewer)
2. Long (6 days or more)

Will you spend a lot of time in your cabin?

1. No, it's mainly for storage and sleep
2. Yes, I like to relax in the room

Are you talking a cruise to Alaska?

1. No, I'm sailing elsewhere
2. Yes, I am sailing to Alaska

Which would you rather do?

1. Relax in a quiet spot
2. Boogie down and party with others

How many people are sailing in your cabin?

1. Two or fewer people
2. More than two people

All 7 questions completed!

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Should You Book an Interior or Balcony Cabin?

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Quiz: Should You Choose an Interior or Balcony Cabin?


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