How to Make a Reservation to Carnival’s Steakhouse or The Chef’s Table

If you’re sailing on a Carnival cruise, then you might have heard about some of the ship’s specialty restaurants.

While tons of food is available for free with your cruise fare, higher-end dining options have become a way for the cruise line to generate more money and for passengers to enjoy more exclusive dining.

Carnival offers two specialty dining options:

The Steakhouse – A classic New-York-style steakhouse with steaks, lobster, crab cakes, and much more. Costs run $35 per person for adults and $10 per person for kids 12 and under. Dining is available from 5:30-9:30 any night of your cruise, and takes about 2.5 hours. Gratuity of 15% is included in the price.

The Chef’s Table – The most exclusive specialty dining. This is limited to a small group of passengers and is hosted by the Executive Chef. The meal includes a tour of the kitchen facilities and a full-service meal featuring dishes available nowhere else on the ship. The price is $75-95 per person. An additional 15% gratuity is also charged.

Because of the popularity of both options, Carnival recommends that you reserve your spot in advance — before you get on the ship. In fact, if you really want prime times, they suggest you reserve at least two weeks before sailing.

So how do you make your reservation? It’s pretty easy. If you like, you can call Carnival at 1-800-764-7419 and follow the prompts to speak to a representative and make a booking.

If you prefer to make your reservation online, after booking your trip login to your Carnival account. Use your email address you used for booking your trip for your username.

Carnival login screen

Once logged in to “My Cruise Manager,” scroll to the bottom of the page, and look under “Specialty Dining Reservations”. From here, click on the restaurant you want to reserve.

Carnival specialty dining reservation

If making a reservation at the Steakhouse, you’ll fill out the form on the left side of the screen, selecting your reservation time. Once you have completed all fields, click “Submit Reservation”.

Carnival steakhouse reservation

If making a reservation for The Chef’s Table, you’ll fill out the form to claim your spot in the program. Due to the limited size, not everyone can always be accommodated. Within 24 hours of your departure, you will be notified of your status.

Carnival chef's table reservation

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