Crazy Video of a Guy Hanging Off A Cruise Ship

This video has been making the rounds on Facebook. It was reportedly taken aboard the Carnival Liberty, a cruise ship that currently sails out of Galveston. However, we weren’t able to verify when or where it was taken.

As you can see below, it shows a young man (teen?) climbing over the rail of the cruise ship while it’s underway. Pretty dangerous stuff. Thankfully, nothing bad happens as he is over the rail and he makes it back ok.

It goes without saying that this is a pretty dangerous thing to do. People fall overboard on a cruise ship quite often… and that’s when they aren’t even climbing over the rail. Considering ships in the open water can move at 20-25 miles per hour, it only takes about three minutes before someone who falls overboard is already a mile away from the ship.

Don’t climb over the rail on a cruise ship.

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  1. #1. People do NOT fall off cruise ships “often.”

    #2. You can not fall off a cruise ship if you keep your feet on the deck, where they belong!

    Unless you climb onto, over or sit on top of a rail, you CAN NOT FALL OFF A CRUISE SHIP!

    The only other way you can fall off is if someone picks you up and throws you overboard!

    • We’ve actually seen stats that close to 300 people have fallen off of cruise ships during the past 10 years. That includes a person who fell off the Carnival Liberty (the ship this video was reportedly filmed on) back in May. No doubt that most of these are accidents from people sitting on railings or doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Good advice in telling people to keep their feet on the deck.

  2. Suicide is involved in a great majority of those. Not much you can do stop someone bent on ending their own life. Jumping off a ship is a pretty sure fire way to guarantee success in that endeavor.

    Accidentally falling off a cruise ship is all but impossible if you keep your feet on the deck.

    Given the number of people that cruise each year (MILLIONS!) worldwide, 300 in ten years is a relatively low number. Added to that, most are suicide, what’s left is even fewer that fall from doing incredibly stupid acts as seen in the video. I would not refer to that as “often”.

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